Uncharted 2:Among Thieves Walkthrough - FREE App Reviews

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I've been stuck a long time but this included everything. Thanks so much

Needs work

They need some guides for getting online achievements other then that it's fine


Thank you! But 1 thing. You should totally add a Nazi Zombie mode. It would really make my life and day better! So PLEASE, make a Nazi Zombie mode


In breaking and entering,at the alarmed gate,to the far right there is a treasure


It really helped me find the treasures.


I was stuck on the path of lights for years When I got this I beat it and the rest of the game

Why dont they make uncharted in iPod!!!!!! N

Just make uncharted on IPod like prince of persia or battlefield bad company.

Decent, but missing things

Not a bad layout, I really liked the chapter sections, but many treasures were left out. I ended up going back to Gamefaqs after chapter 3.


But pls come out w/one for u3


Thanks for the great app it helped a lot could you make one for uncharted 1


Helped me beat the game

Missed treasures

Missed a couple

In level two there wasn't the treasures. Please fix

Eh..it's not complete!

This guide is really good all the way until the last few levels when it all of a sudden leaves out about 6-9 treasure locations.


It was kool


It was asome and epic

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